Arguably no place on Earth is more synonymous with delicious food than Paris. For the lucky sports fans making the journey to the City of Light, the 2024 Paris Olympics are sure to provide a culinary adventure unlike any other Games in recent memory.

But with their strict diets, busy schedules and Olympic Village lodging, the athletes competing in Paris this summer might miss out on a chance to enjoy the flavors of the host nation.

Fortunately for U.S. athletes, Chef Kevin D'Andrea is here to help.

Top Chef’s charming, whisk-wielding, sports-crazed French cuisine master is inviting U.S. Olympians into his kitchen to get a front row seat to the food of his home nation, France, in the brand new series “Breaking Baguettes,” launching June 4 on Peacock and the NBC Sports YouTube channel.

'Instantly friends'

As a two-time Top Chef contestant, Chef Kevin is no stranger to pressure-packed competition, which gives him tons of respect for Team USA’s Olympic hopefuls. In order to get to know those athletes better, Chef Kevin is introducing them to the special French custom which gives the show its name.

“We have a tradition in France, every time when we break the baguettes, break the bread together, that’s when we become instantly friends.”

But these are no ordinary baguettes. Inside each is a hidden slip of paper – fortune cookie style – with a spicy question for either Chef Kevin or one of his special guests.

Are French fries actually French? Is a hotdog a sandwich? Do you actually have to wait to swim after eating?

For gold medalist swimmer and viral sensation Lydia Jacoby, Dream Team legend David Robinson and many others, everything is on the table…and inside the baguettes!

Bon Appetit

Naturally, the baguettes are just the appetizer. For the main course, Chef Kevin introduces each guest to a delicious French recipe and brings them into his arena, the kitchen.

What’s the key to making the perfect crêpe? How does a French twist take mac and cheese to the next level? Is there such a thing as too much chocolate when making Chef Kevin’s signature FoliePop tartelettes?

And don’t think it's just the Olympians that get a taste. Get out the notepad, because Chef Kevin’s recipes are the perfect way to add an authentic French flavor to the summer while watching the world’s best athletes compete at the Paris Olympics.