Eligibility for Olympic tennis is based on the ATP/WTA world rankings.

A player must be ranked among the top 56 players in the world to qualify for a direct singles Olympic berth. In addition, players must also comply with International Tennis Federation criteria which includes participation in the ITF’s international team events – Davis Cup and Fed Cup – over the course of the years between Olympic tennis events. 

For doubles, a player ranked in the top 10 according to the ATP/WTA doubles ranking will qualify for selection by their National Olympic Committee to the Olympic Games provided that: their nominated partner has a minimum ranking of 300 on the singles and/or doubles ranking, that they and their partner have been nominated as a doubles team by their respective NOC, and that the nomination does not bring the total number of competitors for their NOC to more than six. 

Rankings as of June 7, 2021 (the Monday immediately following Roland Garros, also known as the French Open) will be used to determine eligible singles and doubles players for direct acceptance into the Olympic tennis event. Countries are allowed a maximum of four singles entries and two doubles teams per gender, and a maximum of six men and six women total.


For doubles, the United States Tennis Association can elect not to nominate any doubles players, or between one and four doubles players per gender, based on the number of singles players for each gender who qualify for selection and a determination by USTA as to the best combination of players for the greatest medal potential at the Olympics.

After the USTA receives its singles and doubles invitations from the ITF the week June 10, 2021, the respective coaches of the Tokyo Men's and Women's U.S. Olympic Tennis Teams will appraise the need for doubles players after reviewing the names of the singles players and doubles players who receive invitations by the ITF.