The Podium, an NBC Olympics podcast, is back for Season 2 with 12 new episodes leading up to the start of the Tokyo Games.

The first episode of the series dives into the history and stories of the Olympic flame, a symbol of the Games that dates back to the Ancient Olympics held in Greece. In modern times, it has become associated with a new tradition: the torch relay and the lighting of the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony.

For those who get selected to take part in the final stage of the relay, it’s both an honor and a heavy responsibility. Any mistake could be seen by over a billion people watching the Opening Ceremony around the world.

And of course, things often do not go to plan.

In this episode, relive Janet Evans’ triumphant 1996 torch relay with Muhammad Ali, hear a first-hand account of Catriona Le May Doan’s very public cauldron malfunction, and discover how a clown saved a Closing Ceremony.

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A full transcript of this episode is also available.