How many rounds are in Olympic trampoline?

The Olympic trampoline competition consists of an individual qualifying event followed by an individual final for both the men and women. At the Paris Olympics, the qualification and final rounds for both the men and women will take place on August 2. 

How do Olympic trampoline competitions work?

There will be a total of 32 competitors in trampoline: 16 men and 16 women. Countries are allowed a maximum of two male and two female trampoline athletes. 

Competitors will perform two routines, a compulsory and a voluntary routine, in the qualification round. Each routine must consist of 10 consecutive skills. In the compulsory routine athletes perform eight skills judged only in execution, and two skills - chosen by the gymnast - evaluated in both execution and difficulty. In the voluntary routine all 10 skills are judged on both execution and difficulty. The "time of flight," an electronically measured record of actual time spent in the air, is the third component of the total score. The time of flight score is added to the difficulty and execution scores for both routines. 

After performing two routines in the qualifying round, the eight male athletes and eight female athletes with the highest combined scores advance to the final round. Scores from the qualifying round do not carry over to the final, which consists of only a voluntary routine.

The starting order in each eight-member final is determined based on ranking from the qualification round, with the athlete who had the lowest score performing his or her routine first. Athletes perform one voluntary routine, again consisting of 10 skills which are each given a difficulty and execution score, then added to the time of flight for a final score. Scores from the final round alone determine the medalists.

What events do athletes compete in for Olympic trampoline?

At the international level, trampoline gymnasts compete in one of four categories: individual trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double mini and tumbling. However, the only category at the Olympic-level is individual trampoline.