When to watch triathlon during the 2024 Paris Olympics

Three separate triathlons will be held at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games – one each for the men and women as well as a mixed relay. The men's individual event will take place on Tuesday, July 30. The women's individual is scheduled for the following day and the mixed relay will wrap up the triathlon program on Monday, August 5.


All three triathlons will be staged in the heart of Paris, with the famed Pont Alexandre III bridge and the Seine River serving as the location for the 1500m swimming stage of the race.

Rendering of the Pont d’Iéna bridge for Paris 2024
Paris 2024
Triathlon at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Event Time (ET)
July 30 Men's Individual 2a-4:30a
July 31 Women's Individual 2a-4:40a
August 5 Mixed Relay 2a-4:10a