Although she’s been with the national team for only two years, Trinity Rodman will be key to helping the U.S. at the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

Learn more about the young American star ahead of her Olympic debut in Paris. 

How old is Trinity Rodman?

Trinity Rodman is 22 years old. She was born on May 20, 2002. 

How tall is Trinity Rodman?

Trinity Rodman is listed as 5-foot-8. 

Who are Trinity Rodman's parents?

Trinity Rodman is the daughter of NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman and Michelle Moyer. 

Where did Trinity Rodman grow up?

Trinity Rodman was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. 

Where did Trinity Rodman go to high school?

Trinity Rodman attended Corona del Mar High School for one year as a freshman before transferring to JSerra Catholic High School. Both schools were in the local area where she grew up. 

When did Trinity Rodman start competing in soccer?

Trinity Rodman started competing in soccer when she was 4 years old. She also played basketball at a young age but fell in love with soccer more. 

Where did Trinity Rodman go to college?

Trinity Rodman attended Washington State University in 2020 but after the soccer season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she forwent her entire collegiate career and went straight into professional soccer. In 2021, Rodman was the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, which at the time was the record for the youngest NWSL player ever drafted at 18.

Who is Trinity Rodman dating?

In May 2024, Trinity Rodman announced via social media she is dating NFL wide receiver Trinity Benson. 

Does Trinity Rodman have siblings?

Trinity Rodman has two older siblings — her 35-year-old sister Alexis and 23-year-old brother Dennis "D.J." Jr.

What’s Trinity Rodman’s jersey number?

Trinity Rodman wears the No. 2 jersey for her club team the Washington Spirit and the No. 22 jersey for the U.S. women's national team. 

What cleats does Trinity Rodman wear?

Trinity Rodman wears Adidas soccer cleats. 

What are some fun facts about Trinity Rodman?

Trinity Rodman is the author of a children’s book called “Wake Up and Kick It.” She also enjoys playing video games and spending time with her family, especially her niece. Rodman is superstitious about wearing black pre-wrap before games and won't go out on the pitch unless she has some on. Her favorite TV show is "Vampire Diaries" and has multiple nicknames, including Trin, T-Rod, T-Love and Trinny.

The 22-year-old also said her dream as a kid was to be a makeup artist and she has the ability to actually shake her eyes. 

Who is Trinity Rodman’s hero?

Trinity Rodman credits her mother as her hero.