Trinity Rodman has won multiple trophies and awards with her club and the national team since making her professional debut in 2021. She also was named to the U.S. women's Olympic soccer team for the 2024 Paris Games. 

Here's how she got to this point and how she's preparing for her Olympic debut.

Will Trinity Rodman be on the 2024 Olympic USWNT?

On June 26, Trinity Rodman was named to the 18-player roster to compete in the women's soccer tournament at the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

What did Trinity Rodman say about new USWNT head coach Emma Hayes?

Trinity Rodman credited Emma Hayes for making the team feel more connected ahead of the Paris Olympics. 

"The way she [Hayes] connects with players is so good,” Rodman said. "The honesty and upfront meetings that she has with people, I think, helps a lot with people’s confidence and the way they go into games. I feel like we’re more connected as a team and we’re working for each other. Not that we weren’t before, but I think recently it’s been more of a team effort and not just relying on certain people’s skill sets and magic moments.”

What is Trinity Rodman doing now?

Trinity Rodman is in the midst of the NWSL regular season with the Washington Spirit. She currently has scored four goals and provided four assists in 14 games. 

Where does Trinity Rodman train?

Trinity Rodman trains in Washington D.C. with her team the Washington Spirit. When she's with the national team, she trains in different areas across the country depending on the location of the team's upcoming games. 

What is Trinity Rodman’s workout routine?

Trinity Rodman trains two hours per day during the regular season. At training, she said an average practice looks like rolling and stretching and then doing a passing pattern drill. The next drill is about keeping possession, followed by some type of scrimmage or attack vs. defense. Training concludes with finishing drills or stuff Rodman likes to do on her own.