Breaking might be making its debut as an Olympic sport this summer in Paris, but the sport already has a rich, decades-long history, filled with heroes and stars. Victor Montalvo "aka B-boy Victor" is one of those heroes: with a career nearly 20 years long, he has cemented himself as one of the world’s best B-boys, winning title after title and taking the sport to new levels. 

Now, Montalvo will be the first breaker to represent the United States and compete for an Olympic medal in breaking.

Learn more about Montalvo as he prepares for his Olympic debut this summer in Paris.

Athlete bio

How tall is Victor Montalvo?

Victor Montalvo is 5-foot-8.

How old is Victor Montalvo?

Victor Montalvo is 30 years old and was born on May 1, 1994.

Where is Victor Montalvo from?

Victor Montalvo is from Kissimmee, Florida but currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

When did Victor Montalvo start breaking?

Victor Montalvo was introduced to breaking at six years old by his father Victor Bermudez and his uncle Hector Bermudez. The Bermudez twins, Victor and Hector, helped to popularize breaking in Mexico in the late 1980s, and introduced Victor to the art at a young age.

Who are Victor Montalvo’s parents?

Victor Montalvo’s father, Victor Bermudez, is a former B-boy who helped popularize the sport in Mexico. Montalvo’s father was his biggest supporter when he decided to pursue a career in breaking, saying that he was the “only one who truly believed” in his choice to drop out of high school.

Where did Victor Montalvo go to high school?

Victor Montalvo went to Gateway High School in Kissimmee, Florida.

Career highlights

How many World Championships has Victor Montalvo won?

Victor Montalvo has won two WDSF breaking World Championships. His first world title came in 2021, and he repeated his success in 2023.

How many titles does Victor Montalvo have?

Victor Montalvo has won a number of titles throughout his career. In addition to his two World Championship gold medals, he also won the bronze medal in 2022. He has won two Red Bull BC One titles and was the World Games champion in 2022. 

What club does Victor Montalvo represent?

Victor Montalvo competes with several different groups, including Squadron Crew, MF Kidz and the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

Has Victor Montalvo qualified for the Paris Olympics?

Victor Montalvo qualified for the Paris Olympics after winning the 2023 World Championship title. He is the first American breaker to qualify for the Olympics.