Volleyball at the Paris Olympics will run from July 27 to August 8. The men’s tournament begins on July 27, and ends on August 10, while the women’s volleyball tournament will begin on July 28 and end on August 11. 

Where is volleyball being played at the Paris Olympics?

Both the men’s and women’s volleyball tournaments will be held at the South Paris Arena 1, part of the Paris Expo, a major hub for the Olympics. Originally built in 1923, the Paris Expo has been developed extensively over the years and welcomes approximately 7.5 million visitors each year. 

In addition to volleyball, the arenas at the Paris Expo will also host table tennis, handball and weightlifting during the games, as well as multiple events for the Paralympics.

How big is the arena?

The South Paris Arena 1 has a capacity of 12,000 people. 

How much will tickets cost?

Tickets for volleyball at the Paris Olympics range from 24 to 420 Euros ($26 to $456 USD) at face value. The men’s and women’s gold medal matches at South Paris Arena 1, cost between 100 to 420 Euros at face value.