When you're in the presence of greatness, you just know. And for one adorable baby, it didn't matter that greatness was actually just a cardboard cutout.  

On Sunday, TikTok user Anna Matthew posted a clip of her child riding in a shopping cart at the supermarket, smiling -- seemingly in awe -- at a cheery Simone Biles cardboard cutout atop a display.

"Not my baby thinking Simone Biles is actually smiling at her and she's smiling back," Matthew wrote. 

The video has been viewed nearly 830,000 times on TikTok alone as of Monday afternoon, while also going viral on Instagram and Twitter. Biles herself shared the video on Twitter.

As she prepares to delight in Tokyo with her superhuman feats on the mat, Biles, 24, also found a way to travel through space and time to make a young fan's day.