Ball: The ball used in water polo weighs between 400-450g (less than a pound) and measures about 0.68m to 0.71m across (26 to 28 inches) for men and 0.65m to 0.67m (25 to 26 inches) across for women. 

Bathing caps: Colored headgear with individual numbers and ear protectors, used to distinguish the various players on a team as well as to protect the athletes. 

Lane ropes and buoys: Used to distinguish the field of play and indicate distances from the goals. 

Pool: The dimensions of the pool are required to by 30m by 20m with a depth of at least 1.8m, but preferably 2m. The water temperature is regulated and should be between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius (77 and 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Goal: Each goal post is 3m wide by 90 cm tall (approx. 10ft by 3ft).