The Olympic water polo competition will take place at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center. The architecturally impressive natatorium opened in 1993 to host domestic and international aquatics competitions. Prior to the construction of the Tokyo Aquatics Center for the 2020 Olympics, the Tatsumi Water Polo Center (formerly, the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center) was the premiere venue for aquatic sports in the Japanese capital. 

The Tatsumi Water Polo Center has a capacity of 3,635 spectators. It houses an Olympic regulation-sized swimming pool – with adjustable depth – inside which all water polo games will occur. The facility also contains a 10m diving tower and diving well, which will not be used during the Olympics. 

The post-Games future of the Tatsumi Water Polo Center is uncertain, since the state-of-the-art Tokyo Aquatics Center will render it largely redundant for aquatic sports. A proposal is being considered to convert the facility into an ice rink for figure skating competitions.