UPDATED: April 7, 2021

The International Weightlifting Federation's qualifying format for the Tokyo Olympics is complex, but is based on a ranking points system counting from April 2018. Generally speaking, the eight highest-ranked athletes in each weight class are offered an Olympic bid, along with the next-highest ranked athletes on each continent. Nations are allowed a maximum of four male and four female weightlifters total. Therefore, countries with strong weightlifting programs – including, potentially, the U.S. – may have to decline certain athletes' bids in favor of others. Some countries are permitted fewer than four athletes per gender due to doping violations. 

While no weightlifters are officially confirmed to Tokyo yet, as things currently stand, the following American weightlifters would be offered Olympic invites based on their rankings.

Bodyweight Class Athlete
Women's 49 kg Jourdan Delacruz
Women's 64 kg Mattie Sasser
Women's 76 kg Katherine Nye
Women's 87 kg Mattie Rogers
Women's +87 kg Sarah Robles
Men's 73 kg Clarence Cummings, Jr.
Men's 81 kg Harrison Maurus
Men's 109 kg Wes Kitts
Men's +109 kg Caine Wilkes