Wrestling is once again on the Olympic program for the 2024 Paris Games. Read on to learn about some of the gear that athletes will be using when they compete.

What do Olympic wrestlers wear?

In Olympic wrestling, competitors wear a one-piece singlet, which must adhere to the body, covering it from mid-thigh. Traditionally, the singlet had to be the color assigned to that wrestler for that match, either red or blue. A rule was passed before the 2016 Games allowing wrestlers to wear singlets that feature their national team colors, with light and dark versions of the singlet being required.

Light kneepads are permitted, but ear guards and headgear are forbidden. Male wrestlers must be closely shaved or have a beard of several months' growth. Fingernails must be cut very short.

It is also forbidden:

  • to wear bandages on the wrists, arms or ankles, except in case of an injury or by a doctor's prescription.
  • to wear rings, bracelets, earrings, hair slides or prosthesis.
  • to arrive on the mat perspiring (the referee checks both wrestlers for moisture at the start of the match and sometimes sends them back to be dried off).
  • to apply a greasy or sticky substance to the body.
  • to wear under-wired bras (for women).
  • to display another's country's emblem or abbreviation.

What kind of shoes do Olympic wrestlers need?

The wrestling shoe must close firmly around the ankle, and may not have heels, nailed soles, buckles or any metallic parts. Shoelaces must be taped, though shoelaces themselves are optional.