When to watch wrestling during the 2024 Paris Olympics

Wrestlers go to the mat in the City of Light from Monday, August 5 to Sunday, August 11 during the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Athletes will grapple for gold, silver and bronze across six weight classes per discipline. Men will compete in freestyle and Greco-Roman, while women will chase Olympic glory in freestyle.

Wrestling Weight Classes
Men's Freestyle
Women's Freestyle
Men's Greco-Roman


Champ de Mars Arena, the temporary structure erected as a venue for art, fashion and sports, only steps away from the Eiffel Tower, will host the wrestling events during the Paris Olympics. Judo events will also make use of the mats inside the Champ de Mars Arena.

Rendering of exterior of Champ de Mars Arena for 2024 Paris Olympics
Paris 2024

Competition Schedule

Wrestling at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Event Time (ET)
August 5 Men's Greco-Roman 60kg Round of 16
Women's Freestyle 68kg Round of 16
Men's Greco-Roman 130kg Round of 16
Men's Greco-Roman 60kg Quarterfinals
Women's Freestyle 68kg Quarterfinals
Men's Greco-Roman 130kg Quarterfinals
Men's Greco-Roman 60kg Semifinals
Men's Greco-Roman 130kg Semifinals
Women's Freestyle 68kg Semifinals
August 6 Men's Greco-Roman 60kg Repechage
Women's Freestyle 68kg Repechage
Men's Greco-Roman 130kg Repechage
Men's Greco-Roman 77kg Round of 16
Women's Freestyle 50kg Round of 16
Men's Greco-Roman 97kg Round of 16
Men's Greco-Roman 77kg Quarterfinals
Women's Freestyle 50kg Quarterfinals
Men's Greco-Roman 97kg Quarterfinals
Men's Greco-Roman 77kg Semifinals
Men's Greco-Roman 97kg Semifinals
Women's Freestyle 50kg Semifinals
Men's Greco-Roman 60kg Bronze
Men's Greco-Roman 60kg Gold Medal
Men's Greco-Roman 130kg Bronze
Men's Greco-Roman 130kg Gold Medal
Women's Freestyle 68kg Bronze
Women's Freestyle 68kg Gold Medal
August 7 Men's Greco-Roman 77kg Repechage
Women's Freestyle 50kg Repechage
Men's Greco-Roman 97kg Repechage
Men's Greco-Roman 67kg Round of 16
Women's Freestyle 53kg Round of 16
Men's Greco-Roman 87kg Round of 16
Men's Greco-Roman 67kg Quarterfinals
Women's Freestyle 53kg Quarterfinals
Men's Greco-Roman 87kg Quarterfinals
Men's Greco-Roman 67kg Semifinals
Men's Greco-Roman 87kg Semifinals
Women's Freestyle 53kg Semifinals
Men's Greco-Roman 77kg Bronze
Men's Greco-Roman 77kg Gold Medal
Men's Greco-Roman 97kg Bronze
Men's Greco-Roman 97kg Gold Medal
Women's Freestyle 50kg Bronze
Women's Freestyle 50kg Gold Medal
August 8 Men's Greco-Roman 67kg Repechage
Women's Freestyle 53kg Repechage
Men's Greco-Roman 87kg Repechage
Men's Freestyle 57kg Round of 16
Women's Freestyle 57kg Round of 16
Men's Freestyle 86kg Round of 16
Men's Freestyle 57kg Quarterfinals
Women's Freestyle 57kg Quarterfinals
Men's Freestyle 86kg Quarterfinals
Men's Freestyle 57kg Semifinals
Men's Freestyle 86kg Semifinals
Women's Freestyle 57kg Semifinals
Men's Greco-Roman 67kg Bronze
Men's Greco-Roman 67kg Gold Medal
Men's Greco-Roman 87kg Bronze
Men's Greco-Roman 87kg Gold Medal
Women's Freestyle 53kg Bronze
Women's Freestyle 53kg Gold Medal
August 9 Men's Freestyle 57kg Repechage
Women's Freestyle 57kg Repechage
Men's Freestyle 86kg Repechage
Men's Freestyle 74kg Round of 16
Women's Freestyle 62kg Round of 16
Men's Freestyle 125kg Round of 16
Men's Freestyle 74kg Quarterfinals
Women's Freestyle 62kg Quarterfinals
Men's Freestyle 125kg Quarterfinals
Men's Freestyle 74kg Semifinals
Men's Freestyle 125kg Semifinals
Women's Freestyle 62kg Semifinals
Men's Freestyle 57kg Bronze
Men's Freestyle 57kg Gold Medal
Men's Freestyle 86kg Bronze
Men's Freestyle 86kg Gold Medal
Women's Freestyle 57kg Bronze
Women's Freestyle 57kg Gold Medal
August 10 Men's Freestyle 74kg Repechage
Women's Freestyle 62kg Repechage
Men's Freestyle 125kg Repechage
Men's Freestyle 65kg Round of 16
Women's Freestyle 76kg Round of 16
Men's Freestyle 97kg Round of 16
Men's Freestyle 65kg Quarterfinals
Women's Freestyle 76kg Quarterfinals
Men's Freestyle 97kg Quarterfinals
Men's Freestyle 65kg Semifinals
Men's Freestyle 97kg Semifinals
Women's Freestyle 76kg Semifinals
Men's Freestyle 74kg Bronze
Men's Freestyle 74kg Gold Medal
Men's Freestyle 125kg Bronze
Men's Freestyle 125kg Gold Medal
Women's Freestyle 62kg Bronze
Women's Freestyle 62kg Gold Medal
August 11 Men's Freestyle 65kg Repechage
Women's Freestyle 76kg Repechage
Men's Freestyle 97kg Repechage
Men's Freestyle 65kg Bronze
Men's Freestyle 65kg Gold Medal
Men's Freestyle 97kg Bronze
Men's Freestyle 97kg Gold Medal
Women's Freestyle 76kg Bronze
Women's Freestyle 76kg Gold Medal

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