Weightlifting at the 2020 Tokyo Games will comprise 14 medal events, seven each for men and women. The weight classes are as follows:


  • Men’s 61kg
  • Men’s 67kg
  • Men’s 73kg
  • Men’s 81kg
  • Men’s 109kg
  • Men’s 109+kg
  • Women’s 48kg
  • Women’s 53kg
  • Women’s 58kg
  • Women’s 63kg
  • Women’s 75kg
  • Women’s 75+kg


The snatch and the clean and jerk are used in Olympic competition, with lifters attempting to achieve the highest combined total from three attempts at each of the two styles.


The Soviet Union leads the all-time Olympic medal standings with 71. Team USA is second with 41, but hasn’t produced a men’s medalist since 1984. Women’s weightlifting debuted at the 2000 Sydney Games, where American Tara Nott won gold in the 48kg class.


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