The U.S. Olympic Team Trials in track and field, June 18-27, will decide the qualifiers in all individual events other than the marathons and 50km walk, for which trials were held in 2020. Competition is split into two, four-day clusters: Days 1-4 take place Friday through Monday, followed by a two-day rest period, then Days 7-10 Thursday through Sunday. Each day has at least two finals scheduled, some with as many as 10. The top three finishers in each event secure a spot on the U.S. Olympic team, given they've met the standard. You can watch all the action here on, the NBC Sports app, Peacock and the networks of NBC and NBCSN. A TV/stream schedule is provided below.

The television schedule for Track & Field Trials is below.

*Broadcasts that air at different times in each time zone can be streamed live during the ET broadcast.

Date Coverage Time (ET) & Network
6/18 Qualifying 7pm, NBCSN [REPLAY]
  Finals 10pm, NBC [REPLAY]
6/19 Qualifying 8pm, NBCSN [REPLAY]
  Finals: W 100m, W Discus 10pm, NBC [REPLAY]
6/20 Finals: W 100mH, M 100m, W 400m, M 400m 9pm, NBC [REPLAY]
6/21 Qualifying 7pm, NBCSN [REPLAY]
  Finals: M 800m, W 1500m, W 5000m, M Pole Vault, M Javelin, M Triple Jump 8pm ET, NBC [REPLAY]*

7pm CT 

7pm MT

8pm PT
6/24 Finals: W Shot Put, W Steeplechase 9pm, NBCSN [REPLAY]
6/25 Finals: M Discus, M Steeplechase 5pm, NBCSN [REPLAY]
6/26 Final: Women's 10,000m 1pm, Olympic Channel [REPLAY]
  Finals: W Javelin, M 400mH, W 10,000m, W 200m, M 110mH 9pm ET, NBC [REPLAY]*

8pm CT

8pm MT

9pm PT
6/27 Final: Men's 5000m 1pm, Olympic Channel [REPLAY]
  Finals: M High Jump, W 400mH, M 5000m, W 800m, M 1500m, M 200m 11:30pm ET, NBCSN [STREAM]

The rest of the live streaming schedule, featuring exclusive digital coverage of several individual events, is below.

Date Coverage Time (ET) & Network
6/18 Qualifying: Men's Shot Put 3pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Men's Hammer 3pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Women's Discus 7pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Women's High Jump 7:45pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Women's Triple Jump 9:15pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Men's Shot Put 9:30pm, [REPLAY]
6/19 Decathlon Day 1 4pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Men's Javelin 5:15pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Men's Pole Vault 7:30pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Men's Triple Jump 8:15pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's Discus 9:40pm, [REPLAY]
6/20 Decathlon Day 2 3:15pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Men's Hammer 7:25pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's High Jump 8:50pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's Triple Jump 8:55pm, [REPLAY]
6/21 Final: Men's Pole Vault 6:30pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Men's Javelin 7:15pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Men's Triple Jump 7:40pm, [REPLAY]
6/24 Qualifying: Women's Hammer 4:25pm, [STREAM]
  Qualifying: Women's Shot Put 4:30pm, [STREAM]
  Qualifying: Women's Pole Vault 8pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Women's Long Jump 8:45pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Men's Discus 10:05pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's Shot Put 11pm, [REPLAY]
6/25 Qualifying: Women's Javelin 4pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Men's Long Jump 4:30pm, [REPLAY]
  Qualifying: Men's High Jump 6pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Men's Discus 6:30pm, [REPLAY]
6/26 Men's & Women's 20km Walks 10am, [REPLAY]
  Heptathlon Day 1 4:15pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's Hammer 7:05pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's Javelin 8:30pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's Pole Vault 8:40pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Women's Long Jump 9:30pm, [REPLAY]
6/27 Heptathlon Day 2 4pm, [STREAM]
  Final: Men's High Jump 4:15pm, [REPLAY]
  Final: Men's Long Jump 11:30pm, [STREAM]